Serveis Artiz & Soler Advocats


Civil Law

We are a law firm specialising in litigation proceedings relating to any sphere of private property (estates, urban and rural leases, breaches of contract, property development, insurance), to family law (separations, divorces, church matrimony, inheritances, guardianship, disability), and indemnity compensation for contractual and extra-contractual civil liability (compensation claims for damage, traffic accidents, building defects).

Tax Law

Our firm has a long tradition in the sphere of Tax Law, backed by the training of its lawyers and its long experience, both in the sphere of consultancy and advisory services, by planning what is most appropriate for each taxpayer, especially in relation to non-resident citizens, and the services of management and defence in general taxation, inspection, financial-administrative and contentious-administrative procedures.

Commercial Law

Our training in the spheres of Commercial and Insolvency Law allows us to provide advice of the utmost reliability on any matter arising out of business activity (drafting of minutes and of contracts, incorporation of companies, work as consultant lawyers), and to act in proceedings in all kinds of judicial, contractual, company or director liability claims, as well as in all kinds of insolvency situations, from the viewpoint of the debtor or the creditor.

Administrative and Planning Law

Our training and experience backs us in the most generic spheres of Administrative Law in its various aspects, and most particularly as relates to penalising and financial liability proceedings, as well as in the town planning sphere, both from the viewpoint taken in the approach and defence of the interests of individuals in the procedural stage, and challenging and defence when faced with administrative actions, whether in administrative or contentious-administrative proceedings.

Criminal Law

The civil, commercial and tax background of the law firm is complemented in relation to criminal law in the sphere of all those offences or minor offences of an economic nature or which generate compensation (tax offences, fraud, asset stripping, liability of directors of legal entities, road accidents,…) and in the sphere of prevention by drafting and introducing criminal compliance programmes.

Labour Law

Our long professional experience allows us to offer painstaking handling of all aspects of Labour Law, aimed at meeting the specific needs of companies and individuals alike, covering the entire spectrum of employment and Social Security formalities of an administrative type (advice for and drafting of contracts, payroll documents, Social Security payment forms and other documents and forms) and defending the employment relationships in any type of process vis-à-vis public authorities and the courts.

We have a wide experience in business in the international area